Monday, June 13, 2005

The Great Camel Fair - Pushkar [46 secs]

Pushkar is that magical place where the world meets to celebrate the Camel Fair. For a week, the quiet pilgrimage transforms itself into Fair grounds. Many travelers call it a paradise, and few never leave. This video is an invitation to come experience Pushkar at CSFVlog. Once every week, for the next two months, we will be covering quirky facts, clips and sound-bites from Pushkar, Rajasthan.

1 comment:

duncan said...

i'm really looking froward to following this...
i'd love to hear your voice rather than the subtitles.... i've been thinking about this a lot recently.. some of my favourite vlogs are the ones like jays where you get an unseen narrator over the video, it somehow makes it so personal without just being a 'here i am , the cameras in my face. i'm talking '..etc etc..